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Be Perfect Foundation
  • Financial assistance for those with paralysis
  • Website
Believe in Tomorrow
  • Housing for kids being treated at Johons Hopkin’s in Baltimore and respite housing for families of critically ill kids
  • Website
Ben’s Blankets
  • Custom weighted blankets provided for the cost of materials
  • Website
Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
Brain Recovery Project
  • Information about epilepsy surgery
  • Website
Brain Trauma Foundation
Bridge to Benefits
  • List of Montana disability services & descriptions of program requirements
  • Website
Brondum Foundation
  • $ for equipment, service animals, NON-RECURRING therapies, etc. request app by mail, quarterly meetings
  • Website
Bryan’s Dream Foundation
  • Financial assistance for those with paralysis $1k limit per year
  • Website
Building Blocks for Kids
  • Financial assistance for equipment, therapies, etc. 18 yrs or younger, Cincinnati area ONLY
  • Website