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Maggie Welby Foundation
  • Financial assistace for equipment, camps, etc. for children with special need Kindergarten – 12th grade, 1 grant/yr
  • Website
Mark’s Money
  • Financial assistance for those with Down Syndrome Tennessee or Indiana ONLY
  • Website
Matthew Larson Foundation
  • Financial assistance for those with brain tumors No income limits
  • Website
McLindon Family Foundation
  • Adaptive bicycles for special needs children
  • Website
MIRA Foundation
  • Assistance with guide dogs 11-16 yrs old
  • Website
Miracle Ear
  • Assistance with hearing aids 18 yrs or younger, income limits
  • Website
Modest Needs
Montana Adaptive Equipment Program (MAEP)
  • Loan adaptive equipment at no charge Must be developmentally delayed
  • Website
Montana Advocacy Program (MAP)
Montana Assistive Technology Loan (MATL)
  • Loan assitstive technology equipment at no cost Request individual items
  • Website
Montana Children’s Special Health Services
Montana Developmental Disabilities Program
Montana Disability & Health Program
Montana Disability Services Division
  • State department of disabilities
  • Website
Montana Division of Special Education
Montana Medicaid Waiver Information
  • Information about Medicaid waiver programs in Montana
  • Website
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Montana School for the Deaf & Blind
  • In-home therapies and products for hearing and/or vision impaired
  • Website
Muscular Dystrophy Association