Tending the Orchid, a custom yoga & meditation course for The Orchid Club members

We are SO excited to announce a collaboration with Gloria Overcash of Blissful Family Yoga focusing on the mental and physical health of Orchid Parents.

Tending the Orchid is a custom-made kundalini yoga and meditation program. Currently, the course has:

  • a warm-up video
  • 2 movement/yoga sets
  • 10 meditations
  • a welcome/overview video
  • tuning in/tuning out videos.

Once the course is fully uploaded, there will be 6 yoga sets and 11 meditations.

This program focuses on easing the stress, grief, depression, and anger that can accompany special needs parenting. Self-care is possibly the most important thing an Orchid Parent can do for themselves, and Tending the Orchid is a convenient, mellow way to focus on yourself.

Register now

Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, the Orchid Club is able to offer this course free to Orchid Club members. To register, simply complete & email the Tending the Orchid- Online Course Registration & Liability Release to theorchidclubmt@gmail.com. You can scan the form in or just take a picture of it and attach it to your email.

You will then receive an email from Gloria with your login information & have access to the course. If you don’t get your login within 48 hours, email theorchidclubmt@gmail.com & let us know.

This course is only open to Orchid Club members- you must be a member of the private Orchid Club Parents group or be able to verify that you have a child who is receiving speech, physical, occupational or ABA therapy, or has other medical conditions. You must live in Montana. When you submit your liability form, please include your location and at least one of your child’s diagnoses. We want to make sure our resources are spent helping those who our group focuses on.

Professionals: please feel free to refer your clients’ parents to our group and the Tending the Orchid program!

What to do next:

  1. download the Tending the Orchid- Online Course Registration & Liability Release form
  2. complete it & scan or take a picture of it
  3. email that to theorchidclubmt@gmail.com PLUS
    1. your location
    2. one of your child’s diagnoses or a therapy your child attends
  4. wait for login information from Gloria
  5. meditate and yoga your way to inner peace


Let us help you take care of yourself