Tending the Orchid, a custom yoga & meditation course for The Orchid Club members

We are SO excited to announce a collaboration with Gloria Overcash of Blissful Family Yoga focusing on the mental and physical health of Orchid Parents. Tending the Orchid is a custom-made kundalini yoga and meditation program. Currently, the course has: a warm-up video 2 movement/yoga sets 10 meditations a welcome/overview video tuning in/tuning out videos. Once […]

New provider information

The Orchid Club has been contacted recently by two providers who wanted to spread the word about their services to our group.  Below is more information about KidsLink Consultations (a virtual pediatric neurologist) and Peach Tree Clinic’s new offerings of neuropsychological evaluations, occupational therapy and speech therapy. From Dr. Nevada Reed: I am a Board […]

The Orchid Club during COVID Times…

Hey everyone!  The Orchid Club is still here, still supporting our families, despite a lack of events on the calendar.  We do not feel safe hosting in-person events for families that are likely to be at higher risk, so we skipped the birthday party celebration this fall and are not planning a traditional Halloween event […]

Wellness Workshop Coming Soon!

The Orchid Club is hosting a Wellness Workshop on Sunday, March 11, from 3:00-4:30 pm at the Bozeman Public Library.  It’s open to the public, so please share the news! We will have great speakers discussing back health (transferring, carrying, and caring for children with special needs specifically), yoga poses to reduce back pain, how […]

March 2018 Calendar

Here are printable versions of our March 2018 calendar! We’re excited about our programming – we’ve made some changes and cut back to avoid overwhelming our families and hopefully to increase attendance. Please print & share the calendar or share a link to our website to spread the word!   2018.03 Orchid Club calendar  (Word […]

The sibling aspect

Dealing with the sibling aspect while being a parent to a special needs child. The reality of having two complex children has been hitting me hard lately. Along with Isaac having Noonans syndrome and dealing with the challenges of that, we have recently been made aware of Will having SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) It’s something […]

Welcome to the Club

Finding out your baby has a life-altering diagnosis will shatter your world. Eventually you’ll put the pieces back together, but it’s going to be hard. I’m writing this while feeding my almost-2-year-old lunch. She eats orally, but not independently yet, so I’ve gotten good at multi-tasking during meals. This morning, I confirmed insurance information for […]