The Orchid Club during COVID Times…

Hey everyone!  The Orchid Club is still here, still supporting our families, despite a lack of events on the calendar.  We do not feel safe hosting in-person events for families that are likely to be at higher risk, so we skipped the birthday party celebration this fall and are not planning a traditional Halloween event (more details to follow though!).  We are brainstorming ways to make Christmas/Santa photos safe too.  We have a virtual preschool circle time in the works, plus online access to a yoga & meditation course for the grown ups coming up!

This year has been crazy, stressful, and full of learning experiences.  Some Orchid Families are used to isolation and sanitizing, but others are struggling with that aspect.  Some are consumed by anxiety over how their child is responding to a lack of peer interaction, no therapies, changing therapies, distance learning, or wearing masks. Some worry about contracting COVID19 and the possible consequences of that illness.  Some worry about the direction of our country as a whole.  We experience depression, anxiety, insomnia.  We are still battling insurance companies, dispensing medications, and juggling appointments.  We are all adapting to this new normal; we all need help coping and extending grace to others.

How can the Orchid Club help YOU and YOUR family?  Please reach out to us by Facebook messenger or email ( and let us know.  We have given out coronavirus relief grants and shared helpful articles on Facebook, but what does your family need?

Hang in there OC Family!